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Louder volume on Android Asus Transformer

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Our great Asus Eeepad Transforme is proberly one of the best tablets right now  and it work perfect. There is only one small problem. The internal speakersound is not the best. The problem is, that the small speakers is placed in a the wrong way, turning against the screen and without enough  free space, so all the sound is getting strangle  !

My instruction show how you place the speaker in a more correct way and  how to make speaker grill with real holes, for a louder sound

FIRST:  Please visit those sites, that shows step by step,  how you open the Transformer TF101 for working  with the  hardware inside.

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Please notice

  1. Open case:  the Transformer has two external screws.  The screws hold the Transformer’s front bezel in place–not the back cover. Once you remove the bezel, there are several more screws holding the back cover in place. Opening the Transformer’s case is not difficult.
  2. Standard screws: Asus did not use any tamper-resistant screws on the Transformer. The unit two external screws have Torx T5 heads and all the external screws have Phillips #000 heads.
  3. Battery can be replaced (but not easily): The 3300 mAh, 24Wh Li-Polymer battery can be replaced, and you don’t need to remove the motherboard to do so. You will however, need to disconnect several cables, remove a few pieces of tape, and pry the battery loose from the internal frame. Asus could have made the process more complicated, but not much.

Step 1Speaker grill

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Locate the area where the back of the speaker is placed. Clean the area where you shall drill. It shall be flat and clean

Step 2Make speakergrill holes

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Use some kind of stencil to make good looking holes.  I have taken a metalgrill from a old PC speaker and cut it in the right size. Use  lot of tape to fix it in place. Drill from inside. The drill and holes in the stencil should be the same size. I have chosen  6 X 23 millimetre as the grill area,  that is near the same size of the inside  speaker, but if you like another design its not a problem.  Use a  permanent marker to colour the area where you want to drill, then its more easy to see where to drill.

Step 3Clean holes

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Remove the stencil and use a sharp knife to clean the inside area. Use a bigger drill to clean outsite holes. Be very carefully in this step, for best result.

Step 4Protect speaker with textil

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Use small pieces of black  textile to and protect the inside speaker and darkness the holes. Fix it with a few drops of glue

Step 5Turn around the speaker

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  As you can see is the speaker turning against the screen original (!) which seem to be very strange..

Take out the speaker and turn it around , You have to use a sharp knife to change to a new angel in plastic on backside of the speaker . It can take some time to do it,  but are not difficult

Do the same with the other site... Be careful with the small wires.

There is a  known small problem with low sound level in the left speaker. The amplifier in Asus Tranformer is very weak and therefore  thicker wires to the left speaker will could make them sound louder.

Remember NOT to use any heat or soldering near or on  the speaker itself  The ultrafine copper wire inside the speaker will smelt!. Cut the wire minimum 10-15 millimetre from the speaker input  and use those as terminal, when you soldering

Step 6Congratulation


You are now near finish with the project.

As you can see, the speaker is  placed in the new directions and will now  could play load and clear without any disturb.  When you hold the tablet in landscape mode, the inside of your hand will be like a trumpet, that  will amplified the sound and direct it to your ears.

Reverse tear down and enjoy the new loud sound from our great Asus Transformer

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